Prim€ - Buy more points






Credit your account or anyone else's.

You only have 4500 points and you want to fly from La Reunion to Paris with an award ticket worth 5000 points ?

Simply credit your account with the 500 missing points and obtain your award ticket without waiting for your next trip.

Your points will soon reach their expiry date and you need additional points for a bonus ?

Simply credit the difference on your account and save all your points by requesting a bonus which is valid for 1 year. The points you buy are not refundable, please make sure there are availabilities before buying the ticket.

You want to give a gift to a loved one and contribute to an award ticket ?

Simply credit his/her MyCapricorne account with one or more Prim€.

How to buy points ?


Any person wishing to give Prim€ points to a member of the MyCapricorne program must also be a member of the program.

If you have any project, we advise you contact the MyCapricorne service before buying points, to check availabilities for the day of your choice. The points you buy are not refundable.


 Payment can only be made by credit card with the MyCapricorne service or via our website.

Prime gifts can only be purchased with the MyCapricorne service. Please always indicate the card number of the beneficiary and his name and also the number of points you would like to offer.


Proof of payment will be sent to the purchaser by email to the address registered on his account.


Credited points will be visible on the beneficiary’s MyCapricorne account, as well as the date of the transaction, the number of Prim€ bonus points and the account from which the credit came. These points will be valid for a period of 36 months.


If you want to purchase or give points to the person of your choice, log in your account and go to the section > Earn points > Purchase points.





Or you can contact the MyCapricorne Service : phone

Terms and conditions of the Prim€ service :