MyCapricorne card: HANDI AUSTRAL

Handi Austral

You're the holder of an invalidity, priority or disability card ?

Air Austral is engaged in corporate citizenship and commits to make your flight easy. You can request your free subscription card by sending an email to, please provide as attachments your invalidity card and an ID.


Preferential rates:

In addition to the rates proposed by your invalidity/priority card, HANDI AUSTRAL card offers you access to the subscriber rates. If your card mentions a companion, he/she will benefit from the same rates as yours.

With the HANDI AUSTRAL card, benefit from the best rate under Smart or Flex conditions on our 3 transport classes (LOISIRS, CONFORT or CLUB AUSTRAL) and on all destinations served by Air Austral.


  • Up to 10% discount on fares LOISIRS (Smart or Flex)(1)
  • 7% discount on fares CONFORT (Smart or Flex)
  • 5% discount on fares CLUB AUSTRAL (Smart or Flex)

Examples of savings made:

Destination Cabine Normal
733,33€ 679,33€ 54€
1000,54€ 908,54€ 92€
1395,50€ 1318,50€ 77€
1825,80€ 1723,80€ 102€
3522,50€ 3351,50€ 171€

Your ABONNÉ card can be amortized for 2 round trips in CLUB AUSTRAL, 3-4 round trips in CONFORT or 5-6 round trips in LOISIRS!

Fares simulated on 13th of march 2024, from week of the 13th of may 2024 and to week of the 27th of may 2024.

(1) From / to France Hexagonale 3% discount on F/L/T, 5% discount on V/X/P/K/G/E/N/U/M and 10% discount on H/Y
From / to Thailand : 3% discount on X/P/N/E/V/U/K and 10% discount on T/S/H/Y
From / to Mayotte : 3% discount on M/E/V/X/T and 10% discount on K/H/S/Y
From / to other destinations : 10% discount on H/S/Y

Your advantages:

  • Receive an additional item of baggage allowance depending on your travel class
    (23kg in Loisirs, 23kg in Confort and 32kg in Club Austral class) for an Air Austral operating flight / ( 23kg in Economy, 23kg in Premium Economy and 32kg in Business class) for an Air Madagascar operating flight.
    (except for Light fare flight, students fare and Tsaradia domestic flight)
  • Free 2nd chair
  • Free battery and electric wheelchair transport
  • Seat choice "STANDARD" window, aisle, quick exit) free in Loisirs class on the whole Air Austral network
    (the “emergency exit” seat cannot be allocated to passengers with reduced mobility and/or a permanent or temporary disability)
  • An exclusive check-in desk
  • Aiports lounges access at privileged rates
  • Priority on waiting lists for reservations and at check-in
  • An additional credit of 5% on each flight (based upon the ESSENTIEL card)

Ces services sont complémentaires aux accords médicaux demandés pour le transport sur les vols d’Air Austral.

These services are additional to the medical clearances requested for transportation on Air Austral's flights.

These advantages are not applicable to the bagage allowance for connecting flights (other companies).