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MyCapricorne Partner - TAXYMATCH



Earn point on your MyCapricorne card by using our taxi transfer partner TAXYMATCH

TAXYMATCH specializes in airport taxi transfers at advantageous prices and with reduced environmental impact.


He reduces greenhouse gas emissions by mainly offering hybrid or electric vehicles and thanks to his sharing trip option.

Indeed passengers have the choice of sharing their TAXYMATCH with other passengers on the same flight who are going in the same direction in order to benefit from his quality of service at a very attractive price.

Remember to book your taxi in advance for a worry-free transfer.

How it works ?

You just have to mention your MyCapricorne card number when booking through the TAXYMATCH - AIR AUSTRAL dedicated website and you will earn points on your account.

  • Essentiel : 1 point for every €5 spent
  • Premium, Abonné and Exclusive : 2 points for every €5 spent

The amount of points credited will be based upon the price for your transfer and it will be credited on the MyCapricorne account that has been provided.

The MyCapricorne Team would like to wish you a good trip !