Transferring points

Transfer points on the account of the person of your choice.

You can transfer batches of 500 points and the maximum total amount is 3000 points.





You want to get a prime ticket but don’t have enough points?

If you have friends and families who are member of the program, they can offer you points from their account online.

Each transaction will be processed individually. 

You must fill the description field to send a message to the beneficiary.

Before the transaction is confirmed, you receive a summary of your request that has to be checked again. You are also given the new balance after the transfer. You must as well agree to our terms and conditions before you pay.

The points will immediately be usable for the beneficiary.

Some of your points expire in a few days and you would like to give them to someone travelling soon?

Points are transferred with their expiry date and the beneficiary will have two additional months to benefit from the points.

A piece of advice to guide you:

A transfer is not refundable. If you transfer points as part of a travel project, we advise you check first the availabilities for bonus ticket with the MyCapricorne Service.





Terms ans conditions of transfers :