Your Family Account :


You are a family ? You wish to benefit some new advantages and consolidate all the travel points of your household on one single account member ?

Air Austral now proposes « Family Account ».

Main advantages ?

  • Family account is free of charge
  • Faster accumulating for a whole family up to 12 members on the same account
  • Automatic Points gathering inside the Family Account (no need to pay transfers)
  • An appointed Head of family for an easiest account management
  • Fastest access to Prime tickets and other advantages : excess baggage, upgrade,...

Who can join ?

Each of your family members must be registered to MyCapricorne program, 2 members minimum (and up to 12 members).

Your spouse, your child(ren).

Other members of the family such as grandparents, cousins, uncles or aunts aren't allowed to join.

How to create my Family Account ?

First appoint a Head of the Family Account who can be one of the parents or one major child and member of the MyCapricorne program.

The newly appointed Head of the Family Account log in his personal MyCapricorne website portal and go to My Account > Family Account Registration or by clicking on the following button :

Family Account registration




  • The head ot the Family Account complete the online form with the MyCapricorne members informations of the whole appointed family : spouse or child(ren) only
  • Maximum appointed members number is 12. A member can't be integrated in two different Family Accounts.
  • Once the form is fully completed, a notification email is sent to the Head of the Family Account with an attached pre-filled document of the beneficiaries.
  • The Head signs the document and send the scanned copy with all required documentation (ID card, family record) at


The Head of the Family Account is the only person who can manage Prime tickets or Points redemption for the whole family or himself.

Individual accounts are still functional and this also applies when family members do not travel together.