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MyCapricorne Hotel Partner - Antsanitia Resort, Majunga (Madagascar)

Antsanitia resort


Antsanitia Resort:

The establishment has several types of accommodation ranging from airconditioned rooms to private villas with swimming pools. This eco-lodge lives in harmony with the surrounding fishermen's hamlets and values the local culture and traditions on a daily basis.

It also supports economic development, the improvement of living conditions and actively participates in the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

How it works ?

You just have to mention your MyCapricorne number when booking online or at the hotel reception before the payment.

  • Essentiel : 1 point for every €5 spent
  • Premium, Abonné and Exclusive : 2 points for every €5

The amount of points credited will be based upon the price for your accomodation and it will be credited on the MyCapricorne account that has been provided.

The MyCapricorne Team would like to wish you a good stay !