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MyCapricorne Partner - TRAVELCAR



Earn point on your MyCapricorne card by using our parking partner TRAVELCAR, book your parking at the best price next to airports and train stations.


Our partner TRAVELCAR is committed to :

  • Prices are 40 to 70% less expensive than traditional car parks.
  • Book your space online in a few clicks and save time upon arrival
  • Your vehicle is parked and monitored in a secure parking lot

How it works ?

You just have to mention your MyCapricorne card number when booking through the TRAVELCAR - AIR AUSTRAL dedicated website and you will earn points on your account.

  • Essentiel : 1 point for every €5 spent
  • Premium, Abonné and Exclusive : 2 points for every €5 spent

The amount of points credited will be based upon the price for your parking and it will be credited on the MyCapricorne account that has been provided.

The MyCapricorne Team would like to wish you a good trip !